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New Honeycomb Paper Core Laminating Machine

New Honeycomb Paper Core Laminating Machine

Sep 2,2019

Yalianinstalled this new paper honeycomb core laminating machine in China.

Guidingrails change from two to four sets, give more stable cutting during high speed honeycombcore making.

Strongerthe up blade shaft, significantly reduce shaking during high speed honeycombcore cutting

Cuttingsystem use fly wheel, making motor working more stable and decrease loading ofmotor, increasing motor life time.

Allabove upgrades is aim for high speed cutting on this honeycomb machine. Maximumcutting speed now increase to 650 cuts/min

Ifyou are interested in it we can arrange visit to see machine running when youvisit our factory.


Knowingmore of our machine can check:  https://honeycombmakingmachine.en.alibaba.com


Whatsapp/Wechat:+86 150 6710 9796


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