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The sales points of Yalian Honeycomb Machine

The sales points of Yalian Honeycomb Machine

Oct 15,2012

Wuxi City Yalian Honeycomb Machine Plant is one of the oldest and biggest paper honeycomb machine making factory.After 13years development, our technique in paper honeycomb machinery making is very mature.

Following are our advanatges for full automatically paper honeycomb machinery:

1. Gluing system: the gluing system use specail construction, which can assemble two groups of the paper honeycomb core side rollers on machine, so the inter-change for these two sizes is very simple and convenience. Only want to turn the hand wheel. All the roller use Chome-plated, it is very easy to clean after working.

2.High speed cutting system: we use vertical cutting which by servo-system to control the cutting accuracy.The tolerance on cutting is +-0.08mm. The cutting machine itself is 5 tons.

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